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Houston’s Most Trusted Meal Prep Service

Easy, Convenient and Lean. Smart Meals® prepares “comfort” food made with careful consideration to the amount of fat,
protein and carbohydrates. Most of our meals fall under 20% fat, keeping it delicious AND lean! Weight loss and staying
healthy couldn’t be any more convenient!

Our Team

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I started Smart Meals by chance in 1994 when my personal trainer at the time needed food and I needed a way to pay him! We traded meals for training and Smart Meals was born. For me, health and fitness has always been a part of my life. I have loved running and weight training and now golf. I have had a few set backs as we all do, but everyday is a new day and a chance to start a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is key and will expedite the result, but eating is, as they say, 75% of it. Meal prep is really the only way to stay on track and whether you prep yourself or buy meals, having healthy options available is key to your success. At Smart Meals, we encourage you to try and prepare the meals that you enjoy and the meals that are easy for you to do, then you can fill in with purchased meals. This way you will have the variety you love and eating healthy and lean is EASY.

My other passion is animals and currently, I have two rescue husky/malamute/mix dogs, 2 senior rescues and 1 mutt. They are the highlight of my day every day.

B.S. Kinesiology University of Houston



Store Manager
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Customer Service Manager

My love for health food and meal prep started when I decided to take control of my weight and well being. "Freshman 15" for me was more like freshman 30. Not shortly after college I found myself selling cars. Unsatisfied with the life of a car salesman I wanted to do something that compelled me. I've always held an interest in eating right and exercising. That's when I found Snap Kitchen. I fell in love with the industry. My time in sales taught me to appreciate the nuances and joy in customer service. I trained staff and befriended clients from all walks of life. Here I would hone my skills while learning the in's and out's of running a storefront. After COVID-19 Snap Kitchen was forced to close 9/10 retail stores. I desperately wanted to remain in the business which brings us to today. I met the most charming and convincing woman, Sharon Reitman, who took me under her wing without hesitation. Smart Meals has become my second family, I continue to learn and work with a phenomenal team. My joy comes in making others happy and providing them with an experience. Whether you're in a hurry, want a tour, have questions or need recommendations- I pride myself in recognizing the needs of our guest ensuring they leave the store with a smile in their hearts. Smart Meals is a local Houston business and it's our quaint mom and pop authenticity that makes us unique. It's for these reasons I hope to advance alongside the most trusted name in meal prep services. Come and see for yourself, I look forward to meeting you.

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Nutritional Consultant

Priscilla Barrera:
Meet Priscilla Barrera, a bilingual and bicultural dietitian, lifestyle coach, and fitness expert dedicated to transforming the health of individuals and companies. Priscilla has empowered thousands, including athletes, entrepreneurs, professionals, and moms, to consistently be their best year after year.

Her mission is clear: educate, motivate, and inspire one client at a time. Priscilla simplifies the science, crafting step-by-step nutrition systems that yield real success stories.

As a mother, business owner, and active adult, she understands the demands of a busy life. Remarkably, she has maintained under 20% body fat for over two decades, mastering the art of living a lean, healthy lifestyle.

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Packaging Manager

My name is Patricia del Carmen Coreas. I am Salvadorean, I have been working for Smarts Meals for seven years and I love my job! I am a very passionate, charismatic, happy, fun person. I like sports and my favorite hobby in my free time is running. I really like to help people in any way I can so that they have a better lifestyle and what better way to do it than by packing their healthy meals and making their daily lives easier. We must be very delicate in our selection of products to prepare their meals with the best quality and after that we must be certain that we are giving our customers their exact measurements in each portion of food that we are packaging. This is why my job is so important to the success of Smart Meals®.