Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver Sunday 10-5 pm, Monday 10am to 5 pm, and Thursdays 10-5 pm.  We will text you the morning of to schedule a 3 hour window of time.

We do prefer someone is there to accept the delivery due to potential theft, outside temperatures, and because it is food.  We do offer thermal bags and ice packs but there are additional fees.  We are happy to talk with you on your initial delivery to try and accommodate all options to make convenient for you.

Yes we can, ideally call or text us 713.868.9800 and let us know you want more info on a contest lean plan.  Since each person is different and these plans are specific to each individual we prefer to talk with you first.

First delivery day:  the deadline is Wednesday midnight for pickup/delivery on Sun/Monday.  

Second delivery day: the deadline is Monday Noon for pickup/delivery Thursday.

*if you miss the deadline, the site will suggest the next possible date available, go ahead and select that date but let us know in the notes section of your online order or via text to 713.868.9800 that you prefer your order sooner and what date you ideally prefer.  We will try to add on and will let you know right away, many times we can as we do take a limited amount of late orders.


I’m sorry we are a local Houston company and do not offer shipping at this time.

We offer broccoli, green beans, carrots, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, and sometimes bok choy.  Not every meal has vegetables, we do offer on the side but do not stock many in the store.

Smart Meals’ focus are everyday delicious meals made low fat.  We focus on a fitness philosophy of eating the proper amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat.  We are a great baseline for other diet plans that suggest higher fat or lower carb as you can add to our meals.  Many of our low carb meals can work with Keto, you would just need to add your own fat to the vegetable or dish.

Smart Meals’ whole plan and philosophy is to offer comfort foods made healthier to aid in weight loss, weight maintenance, and muscle gain.

These two plans are quick ways for you to order to get started. Once you order, we will contact you to go over your personal likes and dislikes, to essentially fine tune your meal plan specifically to you.  This is different than the “Smart Packs.”  Those are subscription packages where you sign up for an auto weekly delivery and receive a discount.

Our website is limited on how to list delivery fees, so we encourage you to contact us ahead of time for a delivery quote. You can email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to send you a quote.  Delivery fees are subject to change, we do issue credits when needed.

Watch this video for clarification 🙂

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